As a business you are duty-bound to finance the cost of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally-friendly disposal of new and old electrical and electronic waste.
Under WEEE compliance laws your electronic waste needs to be taken to an ‘Approved Authorised Treatment Facility’.

iWaste, as an E waste recycling company, provide you with the certificate to prove your electronic waste has been legally disposed of.
Our WEEE Recycling services include:

  • Advice on your electronic waste management
  • Collection of your electronic waste
  • Secure destruction of sensitive data on hard drives
  • 100% compliancy with UK WEEE directive and laws
  • Full paper-trail to guarantee compliancy (annual Declaration of Compliance submitted on your behalf)


Save time, hassle and fines

iWaste will handle all aspects of your WEEE recycling, from collection and destruction to issuing certificates, and all compliancy paperwork. iWaste’s recycling services mean that you can hand over all waste management to a certified company and be certain you won’t pay any legal penalties.

Safe and secure WEEE disposal.

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