Electronic Recycling and Disposal

Get rid of old, unwanted or faulty electrical and electronic waste.
iWaste collect, recycle and certify the secure disposal of WEEE from UK businesses.

Our E waste recycling and disposal services process good such as computers, mobiles and laptops.


Total Waste Management

Keep costs down. Improve operations. Get money back.
iWaste manage waste collection and recycling of any kind.

Our total waste management disposes of paper, industrial waste, IT equipment and sacramental. We also recycle and dispose of healthcare products as well as any hazardous waste.


Secure Data Destruction

Safe and secure destruction of sensitive data. Full certification provided.
iWaste collect and destroy confidential data bearing items in a legal and eco-friendly way.

Our secure data destruction service safely and securely disposes of hard drives, USB’s and any other ICT equipment. 


Non-UK Compliant Electronics

Remove faulty or unsafe products. Retain corporate & social responsibility.
iWaste collect, treat and recycle non-UK compliant electronics that pose a risk to the safety of consumers.

Our non-UK complaint electronics disposal server is ideal for toys, games and electronic products. These can be faulty or unsafe products needing of disposal.

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