Recycling electrical goods has become a much safer and easier process with iWaste. We don’t just talk green; we promise to act green too.

With progressing technology & increased products on the market, comes increased electronic waste.  If a manufacturer finds that a new product has a fault, their corporate & social responsibility doesn’t end with taking the product off the shelf.

Recently, Metro reported the danger of Hovertrax boards, which have now been taken off the shelves. These are hoverboards that have been found to caused fires and dangerous accidents. The local council impounded them for review, and finally ruled that they were ready for them to take them for disposal.

Over 10% of world trade is in counterfeit products – and this is true for electrical equipment, amounting to 2.4 billion Euros (OECD estimate). Annually, around £30 million worth of electrical counterfeits enters the UK market and 90% are made in China – mostly brand name counterfeits/design copies. Read more here.

The £12k worth of boards we collected recently are for destruction due to them being imported and are dangerous. iWaste ensure that all are stripped, the batteries are removed and recycled, the plastics, and insides will be shredded and reworked into re-purposed recycling.

iWaste’s Business Development Manager Jake Graham, has recently joined the company focusing on imports and difficult electronic waste streams. He’s been working with businesses looking to dispose of imported materials, including hover boards, also known as Smart balance wheels. Along with 15,000 e cigarettes this month, faulty LED’s and bringing in a range of waste broker’s dealing with hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.


How to do it right.

We have recently partnered up with another business in need of recycling advice, Wizboards is a company that manufactures safe hover boards, a product enjoying worldwide interest over the past year or so.

Despite the fun nature of their product and the fact they are safely produced, Wizboards quite rightly still need to ensure that their business is fully compliant, which is why they are now partnering with iWaste who will ensure that their old electrical kit can be recycled or reused safe and legally. Our Approved Authorised Treatment Facility is fully licensed by the Environment agency; the method of recycling electrical goods is in our safe hands.

Recycling electrical goods safely is a legal requirement in the UK and we are pleased that Wizboard have come to us for our waste expertise. It is so important for us all to take care of our planet by diverting waste from landfill, and iWaste are here to take the associated workload away from your business.

If you’re ready to make the commitment to become environmentally friendly, we are right behind you. Start today and you could help reduce the two million tonnes of WEEE items that are discarded every year. If you need help with recycling electrical goods, iWaste can promise that it will be done safely and responsibly. We can stop you wasting precious time on electronic waste management. To find out more contact the team on 0330 1200 250.

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