To be the leading national integrated waste management company, working in the best competitive environment to deliver the best value and sustainable waste solutions to meet the UK’s needs.

To dedicate ourselves to providing a professional, responsive and caring service using innovative technology combined with proven methods to protect the environment.

To comply with environmental laws and regulations.

To conduct our operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the quality of the environment.

To co-operate with the Environment Agency, and the UK government in analysing emerging environmental issues, finding solutions to environmental problems, and developing cost-effective, scientific environmental standards.

To maintain effective environmental procedures and equipment, consistent with available technology.

To respond quickly and effectively to environmental incidents involving Intelligent Waste Management Limited’s facilities, equipment, or products under our control.

To endorse research to advance scientific knowledge concerning the causes and prevention of environmental deterioration.

To encourage development of new technology which inherently provides improvement in the quality of the environment.

To provide environmental training programs for employees, emphasising individual responsibility for sound environmental management.

To maintain corporate and departmental environmental monitoring programs to ensure compliance with Environmental policies and governmental requirements,

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