Non UK Compliant Electronics

With progressing technology and increased products on the market, comes increased electronic waste.

If a manufacturer finds that a new product has a fault, their corporate and social responsibility doesn’t end with taking the product off the shelf.

Read the case study on  how we saved the client hefty fines or legal actions from an accident involving the faulty goods.

iWaste specialise in the safe collection, treatment and disposal of all electronic equipment. Licensed and approved as an AATF by the Environment Agency, we provide end-to-end solutions for businesses with non-UK compliant electronic products.

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Above: Time-lapse –  iWaste decommissioning non compliant electronics.

Compliant and Legal

The collection and destruction of all electrical equipment will come with full certification in line with the WEEE Directive.

As a retailer or manufacturer, you are responsible for the safety of the products you sell. Failure to do so could pose a risk to your consumers, resulting in fines or legal action.

iWaste work closely with Trading Standards to ensure items that are unfit for use are safely destroyed and recycled.

Secure Waste Disposal
Secure Waste Disposal
Electronic Waste Disposal

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