IT apprentice and computer whizz, Ben Andrews, has a passion for all aspects of recycling. The youngest member of the iWaste team, Ben’s learning the ropes from the bottom up and gaining knowledge across the whole business, especially with generating revenue from used IT.

What do you do at iWaste?

My role at iWaste is to manage the resale of good stock through eBay, packing up and shipping items that have sold the day before, ensuring positive eBay feedback, and customer satisfaction throughout the sale process.

Tell us about a typical day.

My day usually starts off at the main iWaste warehouse, sorting through worthwhile stock that’s come in the previous day. I then head over to our other premises. There, I start by checking messages from customers that may have come through overnight, answering any questions or queries. I’ll then start packing and shipping any sold items. After this, I focus on listing stock on eBay and rebuilding any laptops or PCs ready for resale.

What do you like about your job?

I like the very friendly and laid back atmosphere, as well as the various staff outings that happen throughout the year.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve recycled?

The strangest thing I have seen recycled at iWaste was an entire shipping container that contained a server room.

Wow us with a waste fact.

Over the course of a lifetime, an average UK citizen creates over 3.3 tonnes of WEEE waste.

When you’re not helping to save the planet, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy gaming, going out to eat and watching films and TV series, and sport like Formula 1 and Rugby.

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