Secure data destruction

It’s HARD to know what to do with a HARD Drive

Secure Data Shredded in Seconds

iWaste work with highly regarded facilities that dispose of your waste in a legal and eco-friendly way.

We partner with several ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance) facilities throughout the UK, to ensure seamless and secure data destruction for your business, wherever you are based.

Destroy a Hard Drive

Hard drives contain secure data you don’t want anyone to see. Electronics are targets for thieves looking to steal valuable personal or company information. Destroying a hard drive and its data needs to be done meticulously.

With our Hard Drive Crusher we can do this in seconds – check out our video.

Recycle and Reuse

We never throw electronic or electrical waste into landfill. Once all secure data is wiped from a hard drive, its parts are either recycled or broken down into materials (steel, aluminium and copper) and used again in the manufacturing industry.

If you want help destroying a hard drive or any data bearing item, you can be confident that iWaste makes it impossible to recover any information it once contained.


Once your secure data item is destroyed, we will provide you with the official certification for your peace of mind.

Contact us for a free quote or consultation on how we can help you.

Above:  iWaste – Hard Drive Crushing Process. “An electromechanical hard disk drive will be destroyed in less than 15 seconds to the extent that any data contained on it is unrecoverable (Risk Level 4 on the ADISA Threat Matrix)”

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