From 1st April 2016, hazardous waste producers in England will no longer be required to register with the Environment Agency.

Currently those premises where 500kg or more of hazardous waste is produced, collected or removed from, they are required to register with the Environment Agency. From 1st April, there will no longer be a requirement to register in England. Those in Wales will still need to register with Natural Resources Wales. The change is part of Government’s challenge to cut red tape for businesses.

To support this change, the unique consignment note code format will also change from 1st April 2016 for all quantities of hazardous waste. The format of current consignment notes will no longer be acceptable.

For further information, see the Changes to Premises Registration and the Consignment Note Number format and the EA FAQ can be found here.


Waste is generally considered hazardous if it (or the material or substances it contains) are harmful to humans or the environment. Examples of hazardous waste include:

  • asbestos
  • chemicals, eg brake fluid or print toner
  • batteries
  • solvents
  • pesticides
  • oils (except edible ones), eg car oil
  • equipment containing ozone depleting substances, eg fridges
  • hazardous waste containers
  • TFT & CRT (cathode ray tube)
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