Fluorescent Tube Recycling

Fluorescent Tube Recycling Eventually, your fluorescent tube lights will need replacing. Due to their mercury content, they are categorised as hazardous waste, therefore fluorescent tube disposal needs to be carried out correctly – so you shouldn’t just throw them away.

Here at iWaste we provide fluorescent tube recycling for any size of tubing. We can provide a one-off collection or a fluorescent tube coffin which, depending on their size, can hold anywhere from 100-200 fluorescent tubes. Our coffin will then remain on site for as long as you need it, providing a safe storage unit for you to place the fluorescent tubes into without risk of damage. Once the coffin has been filled, iWaste will then return to the site to remove the coffin for you and we can replace it with a new one if you need us to. That’s it – leave the fluorescent tube disposal and recycling to us.

We will handle every aspect of your waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) collection from destruction to issuing certificates, as well as all compliancy paperwork.

Our recycling services allow you to hand over all waste management to a certified company so that you can be certain you won’t have to pay any legal penalties. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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