Electronic recycling and disposal

What we do with WEEE

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or WEEE, is a constant battle for businesses – large or small. It includes most things that have a plug or need a battery.

Every year, a few million tonnes of electronic waste are thrown out by households and companies in England alone.

It needs to be disposed of in the right way. WEEE regulations dictate that electronic waste must be diverted from landfill and recycled or reused. WEEE compliance is a legal and moral duty. We can help you be environmentally responsible and do your bit to protect our precious planet.

iWaste is an AATF (Approved Authorised Treatment Facility). That’s the highest standard of licensing available from the Environment Agency. That means, you couldn’t be in better hands.

iWaste’s electronic waste solutions include:

  • Computers, laptops, iPads
  • Monitors, keyboards, mice
  • Printers, scanners
  • Servers
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Cables
  • Compliance scheme collections

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